What Are The Levels Of Six Sigma Belts

Six Sigma belts are a type of certification that proves you have the skills and knowledge needed to work in the Six Sigma industry. Six Sigma belts come in different levels, and if you’re looking to advance your career or learn more about this growing field, read on for a breakdown of each level.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a quality management system that aims to reduce the variation of product or service quality. The system has six dimensions: process, product, customer, environment, information and knowledge.

What Levels of Six Sigma Belts exist?

There are three levels of Six Sigma belts: black belt, green belt, and silver belt. A black belt is the most basic level, and a green belt is the next level up. A silver belt is the highest level a Six Sigma practitioner can achieve.

What are the benefits of having a Six Sigma Belt?

There are many benefits to having a Six Sigma belt, but some of the most important are:

1. Increased Efficiency
2. Improved Quality Control and Procedures
3. Greater Competitive Edge
4. Higher Profits

How to get a Six Sigma Belt?

If you are looking to get a Six Sigma belt, there are a few things that you will need to do. First, you will need to find a certification program that is accredited by the American Society for Quality. Once you have found a certification program, you will need to start the process of earning your belt. The next step is to complete the required courses and exams. After you have completed these steps, you will be able to receive your Six Sigma belt.


If you’re looking to advance your career in engineering or management, a Six Sigma belt may be the right credential for you. The levels of belts vary depending on the level of experience and education required for certification, but all belts offer a wealth of knowledge and skills that can help you achieve your goals. If Six Sigma is something that interests you, be sure to check out our selection of Six Sigma belts and find the level of certification that’s right for you.