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Summer learning loss is a legitimate concern. According to recent research, students may lose more than a month’s worth of reading knowledge over the summer, with math knowledge losses potentially even greater than that.

We’ve compiled a few resources to help students stay engaged in their learning throughout the summer months, with a particular emphasis on mathematics and reading. For starters, Heather Wolpert-blog Gawron’s post “Avoiding the Summer Slide in Reading and Writing” on Edutopia is chock-full of useful information and strategies for both parents and students who want to avoid the summer slide.

Fun! Fun! Fun! Summer Learning Sites

Fun, fun, and more fun! Reading and Learning Sites for Summer Reading and Learning: Themed Books and Activities for Summer Reading and Learning: A project by Reading Rockets called Start with a Book provides some excellent suggestions for summer reading. This collection contains books and activities that will assist children in learning about a variety of topics such as dinosaurs, money, and much more. As an added bonus, be sure to check out their Summer Science collection, which includes activities for DIY summer science learning.

The author, Susan Curtis, shares some of the most useful websites, ideas, and strategies for keeping middle school students engaged in reading and learning over the summer months. You’ll find links to reading lists, online reading contests, and suggestions for ways to practise reading with technology tools. Check out Awesome Apps for the Six Traits of Writing, from WeAreTeachers, for more information on how to improve writing skills with apps during the summer months.

Calculation Nation from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM): If you’re looking for a fun, web-based game for students, Calculation Nation from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is an excellent resource. This is just one example; there are a plethora of fantastic games available. Additionally, Funbrain Math Arcade from Pearson, 10 Best Math Apps for Kids from, and Cool Math are all recommended.

Reading, writing, and thinking resources for parents from ReadWriteThink This after-school and parent collection from ReadWriteThink has something to offer everyone, regardless of age. Printouts and how-to articles are available as well as links to fun summer projects, games, and technological resources. In addition, there is a link to a useful podcast series about learning outside of the classroom.

From the state of Colorado, here are some summer learning resources for parents: This collection of reading resources for parents is fantastic! Here you’ll find reading lesson plans in both Spanish and English, as well as guides, tips, and resources. Get Ready for Summer!, a fantastic resource from sister site Reading Rockets, is yet another excellent resource. Ideas for Teachers to Disseminate to Their Students’ Families

Activities, games, and printables for having a good time this summer According to This collection of activities from includes a variety of activities to keep your children occupied and learning this summer. There are dozens of ideas here to get you started, ranging from hands-on science activities to outdoor games and everything in between.

Quick Links to Open Education Resources

Summer Math Learning Tips from PBS Parents: Simple Strategies for Success These simple ideas are ideal for summer learning because they are simple to implement. Some of my favourites are: transforming household chores into math learning opportunities, or looking for math lessons in your child’s library (sea shells, baseball cards, etc.). The reading tips guide from PBS Parents is also extremely helpful.
Links to Open Educational Resources in a Hurry
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