Self Care Ideas For Teachers

7 Self-Care Strategies For Teachers

This is a selection of self-care suggestions submitted by members of the Edutopia community. Thank you to everyone who participated in the debate on Facebook, Twitter, and the Edutopia website!

Throughout the day, there are tiny things you may do to keep your feet on the ground:

A few objects that people put in their desks for that little pick-me-up throughout a hectic day are as follows:

Boost your protein intake with tea and chocolate (nuts, granola bar)
Snacks that are good for you
Thank you notes are a nice touch.
Stress ball is a ball that is used to relieve stress.
Have a few minutes to spare during break time or prep time? A few two-minute ways to take care of oneself are included below.

To get your blood flowing, try a few yoga positions or stretches first.
Leave the building for a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery.
Take a moment to be conscious and pay attention to your breathing to bring yourself back to centre.
Here are some suggestions for recharging your batteries or unwinding after a long day:

Make an effort to be inventive:

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Knit \sQuilt \sDraw
Make use of your air guitar.
Make some cookies.

Connect with people in order to restock your tank:

Collaborate with other teachers on initiatives.
Make encouraging phone calls to your children’s parents.
Spend quality time with family and friends.
Spend some quality time with animals.
Volunteering allows you to give back to your community.
Keep an eye out for the bright side and save it for a rainy day:

Keep a folder full of thank-you messages and positive feedback from students and their families.
Keep a notebook full with motivational sayings.
Every day, write down something positive that happened to you.
Lie back and relax – here are some of your favourite ways to simply unwind:

Watch a dumb television programme
Take a long, hot bath.
Music should be played.
Take the scenic journey back to your house.
Consume chocolate.
Get your body moving by doing the following:

Run \sDance \sYoga \sCrossfit
Take a stroll through the park.
Individual self-care may look a bit different for each person, and there is no one best technique to take good care of oneself. Until you have a whole toolbox of tactics, experiment with different ones until you find something that energises you, something that helps you unwind, and something that helps you manage when you’re having a difficult time. Finally, urge your classmates to follow your example. Self-care is important for maintaining our health as instructors and learners.