Resources on Learning and the Brain

Explore the connections between education and neuroscience with this list of articles, videos, and other links.

Learning How Brains Develop

Neuroscience and the Classroom

The Brain and Social and Emotional Learning

Brain-Based Student Engagement Strategies

Brain-Friendly Assessment Techniques

The Common Core and Neuroscience

  • 6 Tips to Develop Independent Thinking: Use one of the many suggestions aligned with Common Core to push students out of their comfort zones, exercise brain executive functions, and develop independent thinking. (Edutopia, 2014)
  • 11 Tips for Teaching Common Core Critical Vocabulary Let your students learn critical vocabulary using activities suggested by a learning specialist. (Edutopia, 2013)
  • Education and the Brain and Common Core State Standards – Learn about the potential benefits and practical uses of the Common Core State Standards through the lens of the Brain Targeted Teaching model. (Edutopia, 2013)
  • Student Responses To Common Core Instruction and Assessment – Understand the implications of Common Core-aligned instruction and assessment. (Edutopia, 2013)

Brain Research