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6 Quotes for Teacher Mentors

Inspirational quotes from teacher mentors can be a great way to inspire both experienced teachers and new teachers. A mentor system can make a huge difference in the success and happiness of any classroom, teaching environment, or school.

These six quotes will be of help to teacher mentors in their efforts to help others teachers.

Find the perfect match

“When mentors have been carefully selected, are well-trained, and give time to teach new teachers, they help not only average teachers become great, but also good teachers.”

-Dara Barlin, Education Week

Mentoring can make a huge difference in the lives of students and teachers. Mentors are often the best for new teachers, as they are often placed in less-than-optimal schools or districts that have the greatest challenges.

It is important to match mentor and mentee appropriately. For example, teachers with extensive teaching experience in urban high schools might not be the best mentors for rural elementary school teachers.

Sometimes, just having the title “teacher mentor” is not enough. Mentors are great because they have the right combination of compassion, experience, and knowledge. They also can communicate relevant advice.

Dare to inspire

“The greatest teacher is one who suggests, rather than dogmatizes and inspires his listener to learn.”

-Edward Buller-Lyton

Teaching can be both a subtle art and a science. It is not enough to hand out textbooks to students and let them work through the material. Experiential education is the best. Teachers who are humble and open to learning from students are the best.

They also become mentors and teachers and embark on a lifelong quest of curiosity.


Combine warmth and skill

“One can look back with gratitude at the great teachers but also with appreciation for those who touched our human emotions.” While the curriculum is essential, warmth is vital for both the growth of the plant and the soul of the child em>

-Carl Jung

Jung has a compelling point about education. Many new teachers have trouble finding the right balance between building human relationships and following a prescribed curriculum. Jung understood that students need to be involved in their lives just as much as effective teaching plans.

Be the truth

“The journey begins with a teacher who believes and pushes you towards the next plateau. Sometimes, he pokes you with a sharp stick called Truth.”

-Dan Rather

Teaching is an exciting job that requires passion.

What is it? It is all about getting to know students, encouraging them to want to learn, and building relationships. Teachers-mentors can inspire new teachers to take on this challenge.

You can go from the ordinary to the extraordinary

“The job of an excellent teacher is to encourage ‘apparently normal’ people to make extraordinary efforts. It is not about identifying winners, but making winners out of ordinary people em>

-Patricia Cross

Mentors can remind teachers that all of the students they mentor have exceptional potential. Children’s teachers are the most influential adults in their lives. Helping them challenge their potential can make a big difference in their lives.

Encourage them to learn how to teach themselves

“The object and purpose of education are to prepare the young for their future.”

-Robert M. Hutchins

Another person put it like this: “A teacher’s task is to make themselves or herself increasingly irrelevant.” This is a great summary. Teaching is the best way to pass on the most important skill: the ability and willingness to learn. Students can conquer the world once they can learn how to teach themselves.