Palming for Better Eyesight

Relax Your Eyes With Palming

You have mastered deep belly breath and are a master at meditation. Have you ever tried palming? You may not have heard of palm, but it is worth a look. This could be your new favorite move to reduce tension and improve your vision.


Relaxation with palming

Palming is a great way to relax your eyes, mind, and body. It involves covering your eyes with your hands while protecting them from light stimulation.

Dr. Bates, an ophthalmologist, first made palming famous. He believed that eye exercises could improve your eyesight. Palming has been used for years as a remedy for tired eyes, headaches, neck tension, and other problems.

Palming has many benefits

Standing for hours in front of those fluorescent lights can cause severe eye strain, muscle tension, and fatigue. Palming, which is similar to stretching, can help alleviate these symptoms as well as reverse the effects of your daily grind.

You will notice a noticeable improvement in your shoulders, neck, tight areas, and neck. Regular practice may help you to see clearer images, less dry eyes, and headaches, as well as a more stable mood.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a comfortable position. Place your elbows on a desk or table. It is important to be comfortable, relaxed, and have enough space for your arms to rest naturally when palming. Your head shouldn’t rest on your hands.
  2. Straighten your neck and back. The back and neck should be straight. This is essential to ensure that your spinal cord does not have any major blood vessels.
  3. Warm your hands. Use your fingertips to rub your hands together. This will create friction and heat. Warm water can also be used to warm your hands.
  4. Hold your eyes open. Make a V shape with your palms by placing your hands on top of your right pinkie.
  5. Do not cover your eyes with your hands. You should place your pinkie fingers on the bridge of your nose to allow you to breathe.
  6. Make sure you are in the correct position. Correct the placement until you have perfect coverage. Do not place pressure on your cheekbones or eyes. The palms should not rest over the eyes sockets.
  7. Relax. Breathe deeply and close your eyes. Focus on exhaling and inhaling.
  8. Clear your mind. Relax and clear your mind. Total blackness is the most soothing color for the brain. Visualize total darkness if it is not possible to attain. Instead, imagine a pleasant image or positive thought: a starry night or a beloved moment, person, or object.
  9. Take at the moment. Your breaths will get longer and longer. Focus on the warmth in your hands. Relax, breathe, and immerse yourself into relaxation.

You can incorporate palming into your daily life

Palming allows you to slip into darkness, letting your mind and body relax. This is something that we urgently need in this chaotic modern world.

Palming can be practiced for at least five minutes each day, without interruption. Start practicing palming during your lunch break, or after school. Before you go to bed, palm your palms. Palming in the morning can help relieve tension and stress.

Even if you don’t have the time to dedicate five minutes to this practice, try 20 seconds. Although the results won’t be quite as dramatic, they can help you to reduce tension and fatigue in just a few seconds.

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