Minecraft School Ideas

Ideas for Using Minecraft in the Classroom

In the subject of education through video games, Minecraft is no longer considered a novel instrument. Teachers have been experimenting with different ways to use Minecraft in the classroom for some time now. This is due to the fact that Minecraft possesses a wide variety of open options and potential. While some educators utilise it as a tool for the instruction of mathematical principles such as ratios and proportions, others utilise it as a tool to foster the creativity and collaboration of their students. (The Minecraft Education Edition, which will be available for purchase on November 1, 2016, will have extra capabilities for group play.) The following is a list of some fantastic applications of Minecraft in the classroom:


You can load into the game a number of three-dimensional replica structures that have previously been made, such as the Roman Colosseum and the Globe Theatre in London, and then have the students examine those structures. To demonstrate their understanding of historical eras and locations, many educators have their pupils construct scenarios, which are essentially modern-day dioramas. Students also have the option of using Minecraft to construct stage productions.


Students actively compete against one another in Minecraft, which is a game that requires collaboration, but students can also work together to find solutions to problems and overcome hurdles. I’ve seen a lot of students play together, and I can say that they really want to do well when they play, but they sometimes struggle to communicate with each other in ways that are polite and safe. I’ve seen a lot of students play together, and I can say that they really want to do well when they play. This presents a great opportunity for educators to help students develop their digital citizenship abilities. Teachers should keep a close eye on their pupils and provide feedback using checklists and grading rubrics while the students are playing. Teachers can also encourage students in efficiently connecting with one another and working together by facilitating group discussions and individual reflections.


The game Minecraft can be used to tell stories complete with protagonists, antagonists, settings, decisions, and motivations. Students can use Minecraft as a medium to write and construct stories centred on their character, which teachers can utilise as a teaching aid. It would be helpful for pupils to develop a backstory not only for their character but also for the planet that they have created. Students have the option of utilising the game they are playing as the basis for the creation of a story that includes a variety of various plot components as well as other creative aspects.


Asking pupils to draw a picture of what they’ve read is one of the most effective ways to evaluate how well they understand what they’ve read. They are able to recreate scenes and events from the plot as well as rebuild various environments based on the information in the book. They are also able to use these recreations to deliver presentations or make predictions on what might happen next, and then actually create those predictions while playing the game.

In addition, many of the criteria we have place a strong emphasis on the ability to read closely and analyse critically. The reader is required to draw their own conclusions, consider the author’s point of view, interpret the author’s words, and evaluate the structure of the text. Students are required to employ the same kinds of skills in Minecraft and other games, despite the fact that games may have a less emphasis on reading. Students need to be familiar with “domain-specific” vocabulary when playing games like Minecraft. Students, in their roles as participants, are required to think about point of view and draw conclusions based on the world and the circumstances. The game should be played by the teachers, and they should think about the abilities that are required to play it, as well as the connections that can be made to apply these skills while kids are reading difficult materials. Students need to “read” Minecraft with caution and consideration because the game is very complicated.


Mathematical standards, just like reading standards, require students to solve difficult problems and think critically. The necessary mathematical skills can be developed through the usage of Minecraft by educators. One example of this would be staying persistent in order to solve challenges. Students are required to do this in order to play Minecraft, and they can build unique challenges for one another. One of the skills that we want our kids to develop is the ability to use the appropriate tools in a strategic manner, which is precisely what they are required to do when playing Minecraft. The arithmetic standards can be analysed for other abilities that are relevant, and then the teachers can use Minecraft to support student improvement.


The use of Minecraft as an assessment option is one of the simplest methods for teachers to implement Minecraft in the classroom. When it comes to demonstrating their knowledge, pupils who enjoy playing Minecraft have the option to select it as a choice when they have voice and choice. Minecraft is another technology that may be used to build involvement in the assessment process. It can be used to demonstrate understanding of ratios and proportions, or it can be used to simulate historical events.

When considering the use of Minecraft in the classroom, it is important to ensure that you have definite goals in mind for how the game will be used. Remember to take the time to establish standards and expectations for the group. Encourage students to educate one another. If you require assistance, ask them to instruct you. In addition, if you are concerned about how the parents will react to the game, you should invite them into the classroom so that they may observe the work that the students are completing.

There have been a lot of successful experiments with using Minecraft in the classroom, and we can all learn from each other how to make use of the game to more effectively promote the academic development of students. How do you now use Minecraft into your lesson plans? How might you use it in the future in ways that are fresh and forward-thinking?