Latest Technological development in computer hardware

Computer hardware is constantly evolving and improving, with new technologies being developed in order to make our lives easier. With this in mind, we take a look at some of the latest technological developments in computer hardware, so that you can see just how far we’ve come in the past few years.

Apple has released its newest operating system – iOS 12

Apple has released its newest operating system – iOS 11. This new software update is available to users of iPhones and iPads.

iOS 11 features a number of new technological developments that improve the user experience. For example, the new operating system has a redesigned interface that is more intuitive and easy to use.

One of the most important new features in iOS 11 is the introduction of augmented reality (AR). AR allows users to view virtual objects on their screen. This is useful for applications like gaming and shopping, where you can see products in 3D instead of just pictures.

iOS 11 also includes a number of improvements to Siri, the virtual assistant that comes with iPhone and iPad. Siri now supports multiple languages, which makes it easier for users to communicate with her.

Overall, iOS 11 is a major update that improves the user experience on iPhone and iPad. It features a number of innovative technological developments that make using these devices more fun and convenient.

Google has announced a new update to its voice assistant – Duplex

Google has announced a new update to its voice assistant – Duplex. The update, which is currently in beta, allows the Google Assistant to carry out complex conversations by learning and understanding natural language. This means that, instead of using pre-recorded scripts, the Google Assistant can now reactively understand and respond to questions and requests in real time.

This development could have a number of important implications for the way we interact with technology. For example, it could make it easier for people with disabilities to use Assistants such as Google Home or Amazon’s Echo devices. It could also have a significant impact on the way we interact with businesses, as Duplex will be able to carry out routine customer service tasks such as ordering food or drinks.

While this development is still in beta, it is clear that Google is committed to making its voice assistant even more powerful and versatile.

AMD has released a new line of CPUs – Ryzen and 5

AMD has just released a new line of CPUs – Ryzen and they’re looking pretty impressive!

The Ryzen 7 series CPUs are designed for gamers and enthusiasts who demand the best performance available. They come with eight cores and 16 threads, making them perfect for tasks like video encoding and gaming.

The Ryzen 5 series CPUs are designed for everyday use. They come with six cores and 12 threads, making them perfect for tasks like browsing the web, working on documents, and editing photos.

Overall, AMD’s new line of CPUs is packed with features that will make your computer faster and more powerful. If you’re in the market for a new CPU, be sure to check out AMD’s website!

Nvidia has announced its latest graphics card – RTX Ti

Nvidia has just announced their latest card, the RTX Ti. It’s the most powerful graphics card on the market and is perfect for gamers and professionals. It has a whopping 11GB of memory, which is more than any other card out there. You can use it to create amazing graphics in games or to create amazing videos and photos.