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John McCarthy

As part of his job as an education consultant for schools in the United States and throughout the world, John is constantly expanding his knowledge and sharing it with others. Beginning his career as an educator in Chicago, he has made it his life’s work to thoroughly comprehend and champion the importance of student voice throughout the learning process. He has experience teaching in a variety of environments, ranging from urban to rural to affluent communities, and in all three of the states. As a consultant, he works with schools to systematise the adoption of differentiated instruction, project-based learning, the elimination of assessment and grade fog, and culture building; all of these activities are centred on the student voice. As a result of the fact that he also teaches blended graduate courses at Madonna University, he is always improving my instructional skills. On his website, you’ll find a great deal of other resources.

John is always eager to take in new information from the teachers he works with. Because his explanations won’t stick, but his students’ and teachers’ discoveries will, he concentrates his coaching method on assisting others in the search for their own insights and answers rather than imparting knowledge directly. He was an English and social studies teacher in the past, and now he honed his craft by writing a blog and serving as the managing editor of a blog called Deadwood Writers Voices. This blog examines the work of a talented group of writers who are all members of the Deadwood Writers Group in Southeast Michigan.