Fun Smartboard Activities for Kindergarten Math

free interactive smartboard activities for kindergarten

The SMART Board is a flexible and interactive tool that educators can use to teach in all subjects. There are SMART Board activities for all ages, even very young children. Here are some SMART Board activities that can be used for kindergarten math.

Game of ordering numbers

Kindergarten students must learn to differentiate between larger and smaller numbers. This interactive underwater game allows students to practice this skill using the SMART Board activity. There are several numbers next to the fish on the board. The students play by picking the numbers from the board, in order of smallest to greatest. If the order is correct, the fish will come to eat the numbers. Students can try again if the order is wrong. Every round contains different numbers, ranging from 1 up to 100.

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Count with Lecky

Count with Lecky helps children recognize numbers and count objects. Lecky, an alien, attempts to catch and count different objects. Lecky’s task is accomplished by Lecky using his computer mouse. Students can help him. Teachers can choose to have the activity teach numbers 1-5 and 6-10.

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Subtraction and addition

Students can use this activity to practice basic addition and subtractions skills. They will read a sentence, then add or remove items from the screen based on the instructions.

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Odd or even

Students drag and drop even and odd number tiles into marked Venn diagram circles. For numbers over 100, there are three difficulty levels.