Apps to Create Movies

5 Apps for Making Movies on Mobile Devices

At the annual Academy Awards, we witness excellent films being recognized for their brilliant storytelling and spectacular performances. Your pupils can also become filmmakers, owing to several excellent programs available for mobile devices. Your children can use these tools to record films and edit their work to create professional-quality movies on iOS devices (iPads and iPhones) and Android tablets.

One advantage of this simple-to-use technology is that students can still practice crucial English language arts skills such as composing a narrative, creating a sequential story, and providing important information when preparing to make a movie. These apps can improve the work that you do with children in the classroom and provide them with the opportunity to be creative storytellers in their own right.

IMOTION HD is a high-definition video game (IOS: FREE, UPGRADE AVAILABLE)
With the help of this video program, your pupils can produce a time-lapse or stop-motion film. iMotion HD allows children to create a movie by merging still images. Photographs taken at periodic intervals can be used to demonstrate elapsed time (such as a plant growing or a sunset), or they can be used to create a stop-motion film (using action figures or puppets). Users that purchase the full edition of the program will be able to include music and make use of other export options, such as publishing their video directly to YouTube.

PICPLAYPOST (IOS: $1.99) is a game that allows you to play with your friends.
PicPlayPost is a video and editing program that enables users to mix films and still photographs into a single shared frame, allowing them to share their creations with others. Using a single tap on the screen, the films can be played in either a simultaneous or sequential fashion, and the still images will serve as placeholders within the frame. It’s a fantastic tool for exhibiting a collection of images as an alternative to a typical slideshow presentation format. Kids can change the style of the frame and add music from their iTunes library to play in the background while they are creating.

Magisto allows users to record video directly from within the app, edit video saved to their device, and then combine all of this content to create a movie. After students have chosen the still photographs and videos that they wish to include in their project, they must choose a theme and music to go with them. After that, the app pulls everything together. Users will need to create an account to be able to store movies in a collection.

iMovie (iOS: $4.99) is a video-sharing app.
Students can use iMovie to edit footage that they’ve captured with their iPhone or iPad and share it with their classmates. The themes and templates that are included in this sophisticated app allow students to produce feature films and Hollywood-style trailers using the tools at their disposal. They can use iMovie to add titles, transitions, and music to their videos as they experiment with different cinematic methods like slow motion and panning over still photographs. You can be confident that your students will produce an excellent result, regardless of whether they explore all of the professional-quality features of iMovie or only scratch the surface.

Andromedia Footage Editor allows students to modify video that has been stored on their device. Their videos and still photographs may be organized and edited using this program, which also allows them to apply the “Ken Burns” filming technique to both still images and videos. Adding transitions between clips, editing audio, and even recording narration are all options available to users using the device’s built-in microphone. Students can distribute their film on a variety of platforms when it has been rendered.

Have you ever experimented with making videos on your mobile device? How do you envision yourself utilizing these resources in the classroom?