6 Free Online Resources for Primary Source Documents

It is emphasised in the Common Core Learning Standards how important it is to teach kids how to comprehend informational literature. Understanding the material and drawing inferences are essential skills for students. Aside from that, they must provide evidence, evaluate arguments, and interpret words and phrases. Historically significant artefacts that were developed at a given period of time are referred to as primary source documents. It might be anything from a diary entry to a letter, a speech, or even a snapshot. Here are some resources to assist you in incorporating social studies into your literacy instruction block.


The National Archives This website is an excellent resource. The website is easy to navigate and includes a wealth of materials for educators. Their daily feature is a historical document that has some connection to a historical event. Keyword searches can be performed, and 100 documents are deemed “milestones” in the history of the United States of America.


DocsTeach,Activities for educators can be found at the National Archives, which is also maintained by the National Archives. The documents in this collection are arranged in chronological order according to different periods of American history. To access hundreds of original source papers on a certain topic, simply click on the topic. DocsTeach has a variety of features like as audio, video, charts, graphs, maps, and many more.


Spartacus Educational The content on this website is extensive and covers many aspects of world history. This encyclopaedia includes hyperlinks to primary sources, making it an excellent resource for educators who want to assist students with their research projects. You may also use it to go on a historical figure scavenger hunt with your friends!


Fordham University gives yet another outstanding resource for global history. This website categorises materials in a manner similar to DocsTeach, which arranges primary sources into historical periods in the United States of America. Students and teachers can use Fordham and other universities’ full-text resources, which span the “Reformation” period through the “Post-World War II Religious Thought.” These texts are appropriate for use in middle and high school classes, as well as for independent study.


The Avalon Project at Primary sources are available at Yale University that can be used to teach global history. After that, everything is organised by historical period and then alphabetically by last name. The database starts with mediaeval and ancient documents and then progresses to the present day and beyond. Avalon Project categories are also divided into time periods that are covered by specific historical events. It also includes connections to documents pertaining to human rights as part of its overall structure.of Project Diana.


GoogleLife Magazine offer a search engine that allows users to search millions of images in the Life Magazine Photo Archive. You can search for images by key terms (1860s to 1970s), or important people, places, or sports topics.


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