5 Roles for a Teacher Leader

The driving force behind the American educational system is the teacher. They interact with students and deal with parents.

Teachers often have many roles. If a teacher wants to succeed in the classroom, he or she must embrace the role of teacher leader.

Five roles that teachers must fulfill

These are the five roles teachers often have to play in order to be the best teacher they can.

1. Resource

A resource specialist is one of the most important roles teachers must fulfill. Many people will seek information from the teacher. Even if they are only looking for information, the teacher must be able to locate it.

After the teacher has provided the information to the student, or coworker with the information, the teacher will often need to instruct the student how to use it.

2. Support

When learning a new skill, or piece of information, students are the ones who require support. When a student requires support, a teacher should be there. There are many types of support available, including a leader, coach and counselor. A teacher might even need to support others teachers who are teaching a subject.

3. Mentor

Mentoring is one of the most important roles that a teacher can play. Teachers can be a mentor to students and they may model their behavior and work ethic after them. A mentor can be an older teacher or a teacher just starting out in their profession.

4. Hands on assistance

Leaders in schools are those who take on additional tasks, such as helping to set up a gym or leading PTA meetings. Teachers who are involved in their school often have additional jobs beyond the one they were hired for. The school’s goals will often match the goals of teachers.

5. Learner

A teacher cannot fulfill the role of learner without being a great teacher. Anyone who is involved in any profession for a long time knows that there are always new things to learn. Learning is an ongoing process that allows one to learn new things and never stop learning. Every day, a teacher will face a new challenge that will allow them to become a better teacher.

Teacher is someone who has to fulfill many roles. Teachers are professionals who have the ability to lead and educate others. They must also continue to learn and grow as professionals. Anybody who wants to become a teacher must take advantage of every opportunity to develop as a person as well as as a teacher.